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Looking after your pet when you can't!

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Rates & Services


*Service in Calgary, AB ONLY.
 1 hour per day is usually required*

* Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Birds & Fish.
Any other animals are negotiable*


Service's provided for each visit (daily):
Pet Duties:

*Exercise, walks, and loads of attention.

*Meaningful playtime and TLC with each pet.

*Giving each pet clean, fresh water.

*Feeding and making sure each pet eats.

*Cleaning up any "messes" that may have occurred during their time alone.

*Cleaning litter boxes and/or cages.

*Administering medications. (If needed)

*Giving treats (if allowed).

*Inspecting pet's coat/paws/ears/eyes, making sure everything is ok.

House Maintenance/Duties:
*Bringing mail/paper inside.
*Watering plants.
*Turning on/off security alarms when I enter and leave.
*Adjusting lights and windows/blinds for that "I'm home" look for any outsiders.

$15-20 per day (depending on where you live in Calgary)
$3 per addional pet per day

->Fish are free with the care of your other pets.
Have nothing but fish?  $10 per half hour.

*Both Pet Duties & House maintenance are included in the pricing*